Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking to Buy a Home

Looking to buy a home? Checking out homes for sale is a lot of fun … but it’s also work since you want to choose a home that’s not only going to meet your needs but your budget too. So, what should you do to effectively view homes when you are looking for a house to buy?

First, consider how the home meshes with your wants and desires. The home you purchase needs to be functional for your family when you move in, since major renovations can be very costly. More weight should be given to things that cannot be changed, like location and floor plan. I advise my clients to look at it like a pie chart. 35% location (neighborhood, city, schools, etc) and 35% floor plan. Then move on to secondary items that can be changed such as price and condition and weight them at 15% each. Price can be negotiated and condition can be fixed.

As for the technical aspects of the home, leave that to the professionals. “Also consider that a licensed inspector will be brought in during the Option Period negotiated in the contract. Rely on the professionals and don’t make big decisions based on assumptions. But be sure to work with professionals you are comfortable with and don’t be afraid to ask for references.”

That said, buyers should be cognizant of the work that the home might need. “Aging systems like plumbing or electrical can quickly and easily turn a dream home into a money pit for a buyer who’s been lured in by some great curb appeal or staging.”

– Sarah W. Caron, Contributing Writer