Monday, April 26, 2010

Find Out the Difference in a Buyers Agent and a Sellers Agent

Find Out the Difference in a Buyers Agent and a Sellers Agent

In every real estate transaction - whether the transaction involves condos or other starter homes, luxury properties, or even commercial properties - there are buyers and sellers as well as real estate professional who represent them throughout the transaction. These are the buyers agent and the sellers agent - and each play a very different role throughout the sale.

Clearly, a buyers agent is the real estate professional who works with the buyers. These agents will focus on listening to what a buyer is looking for in a home, identifying the buyer's budget, providing information about different neighborhoods and school systems, and searching through lists of available properties that will meet their clients' needs. Buyers agents can work with their clients to find financing for their home purchase and will schedule times when the buyers they are working with can see available properties for themselves. Finally, the buyers agent will help to negotiate the price of the home and work to complete the transaction.

Similarly, the sellers agent - as you might expect - works with property owners who need to sell a home that they own. Whether the seller is looking for a larger or smaller home, leaving the area for the sake of a job, or is responsible for selling a home that was left to them as a part of a loved one's estate, the sellers agent takes the lead during the sale process. From helping the seller understand what's involved in selling a home to staging the property before prospective buyers see it to negotiating the final sales agreement, the sellers agent will focus on making sure the transaction goes smoothly for the seller.

Though the buyers agent and sellers agent will work together, each represents a very different interest throughout the property.

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