Thursday, February 25, 2010


What is a short sale and why do homeowners prefer it? A short sale happens when the mortgage is more than the value of the property itself. This could be because the value of the properties in the area where the property is located has decline. It could also be because of the condition of the property. Many property owners apply for a short sale because they want to avoid foreclosure. Through this, they can pay off the mortgage and star anew.

Before a short sale can take place, the lender has to approve the package presented by the homeowner first. The package presented has to be complete. It should have a hardship letter. This letter will explain to the lender why the homeowner could no longer make his payments. This could be because of unemployment, divorce or death in the family. In addition to that, you will be asked to present an offer from a buyer as well. Ask your lender about the other requirements you need to present.

The lender has the right to approve or reject the proposal because he will definitely lose if he agrees to this. However, this maybe a better option for him rather than foreclosing the property. It is not easy to get your lender’s approval. This shy you should be ready. All your requirements have to be complete. Moreover, you should be familiar with your documents so that you can defend your package and explain it thoroughly to your mitigating officer.

One of the major reasons why your lender would reject your short sale package is when the value offered is way lower than the value of the property. If this happens, the lender will send a broker to check the property. The broker will determine the value of the property and will recommend it to the lender. If the value is higher than the offer made by the buyer, your short sale package will be rejected. However, you can prevent this. Just make sure that the offer to your property is reasonable. Be there when the broker arrives and walk him through your property. You can also present to him images and documents of the repairs made in your property.

If the lender rejects your package, do not be disheartened and try to qualify again. Get a better offer for your home. You can ask your current buyer or you can look for another buyer who will be willing to make a better offer for your property.

If you are the buyer, make sure that you make a good offer. See to it that you consider several factors before you make an offer. Check the property as well as the location. Of course, you will offer a discounted value since it is a short sale but be careful not to make a very low offer.

Many turn to short sale to prevent foreclosure. However, getting an approval from the lender is not easy. You have to make sure that your requirements are complete and that the offer made is reasonable.

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